Where it all started!

This dream has been a long time coming.  As a photographer and a creative design background it kinda all made sense to land here.  My wife and I have owned several different businesses and product lines over the years and we are entrepreneurs at heart.

My love of the outdoors started very early for me. I would often escape to nature to be still and soak in every part.  Whether I was peddling like the wind on my bike or trying to catch crayfish in the creek, I was marked early for a love of the outdoors.

When I was in the Navy, I was introduced to a God I had been searching for all my life by a friend who decided not to give up on me when I argued with him and told him he was wrong....

Let's just say he had the patience of a saint and God wasn't interested in letting me go, despite my strong will and hurt heart,

People ask where the name the Passionate Pioneer came from.  The answer is so simple its kinda embarrassing.  I have always lived with over the top passion in whatever I lay my hands to. It's WHO I am. It's what I do.  The pioneer definition should have my name beside it.  I tend to want to blaze my own trail, search just for the out of reach and never settle for the easy.

So I decided what better way to embody who I am with a name that should describe who I am.  I know there are many others out there who want to live or are living their life on PURPOSE!

If its you welcome!  If you are headed that way join our trail, its gonna be a amazing HIKE!

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